We are A Luxury French Fashion Jewellry Brand on the Style of Elegancy, Fimininty and Glamour...


Our Mission 

We believe in sustainable value creation, being innovative and customer centric. We innovate, design and, manufacture a high-quality products with affordable prices



Our Values

Eva France believes in 


We believe in having firm adherence to the code of moral and artistic values


We believe that our people manifests the capability in a way that is unique in our existence, growth and our innovative experience


We believe in thinking, analyzing and acting differently. To have new ideas, creative thoughts, new imaginations


We believe in consistently creating a sustainable value. Guaranteeing the valuable existence of our organization


We believe in BELIEVING that nothing is impossible. What ever is the thing it can be done. All what we need is to believe


Identity and History

Eva France was original founded in 2005 and headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Specialized in gold, diamond and precious stones jewelry.  

After several successful years of traditional handcrafted quality jewelry, in 2011 Eva France decided to venture into the design-focused silver and gold plated jewelry business and continues to carry on EVA’s legacy with the aim to make Eva France a modern yet timeless brand that fits perfectly with current trends.

We are in Eva France designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices

We have two lines of production; the first one is LUXURY that is specialized in wedding and parities. The second one is CASUAL which is specialized in daily use and practical accessories

Our desire is to create everyday jewelry pieces that make your beauty shine, and illuminate your soul

Eva’s designs, inspired by our passionate and energetic special designers. Innovation in all our products.  we are modern and minimal with an on-trend high-end look that allows women to effortlessly style into their own unique way.